Frequently Asked Questions

When you create a subscription plan together with your membership, you will directly get the access to all the content and discounts availiable on Couponmii.com

No this access and the discounts are only for the subscripotion plan holder / membership owner.

Any violance of these terms could cause termination of the subscription to Couponmii.com

You can signup via our promotion campaigns or directly on our website.

No, you can cancel your subscription plan any time whenever you want to.

Hvis du ikke efter 30 dage har modtaget din velkomstgave kan det generelt skyldes forskellige årsager.

Mostly this is because…

1) You dont have verified your delivery address.

2) You have not picked up the package from the local collect /pickup store in the right time. Therefor the package is sent back to us and you then have to pay for the delivery (see our terms and conditions)

3) The product is sold out and we are providing you another product.

If you are charged after your subscription plan is cancelled it will be 2 reasons.

1) you are in debt and therefor you are charged the amount you are in debt.

2) You cancellation is not correct. Please contact customer service to get further information.

The danish company Viorayio One ApS is owning Couponmii.com

To see further information; go to about us or contact page.